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“How many stitches doctor?”

It is a pleasure to come out of the theater and declare that surgery was successful. To day I had a great difficulty to operate upon a case of cancer breast. The lymph nodes were adherent to the major vessels in arm pit. The relatives could not appreciate my job till one of them asked – “It was surgery of how many stitches doctor?” A common question asked immediately after any surgery. I said “About 35 stitches.” Oh! It must have been a very major operation, one of them uttered.

We still have people of old generation around us who used to weigh the gravity of the operation by the length of the wound. Big surgeons used to give big incisions. Now big surgeons give no incisions at all. But at present also a villager is never satisfied with small incision and minimal invasive concept. I am told at a private nursing home, not to do hysterectomy by small incision. Ladies are not satisfied. They are compared with the other ladies having a great scar from navel to pubes for the same job. The lady herself also does not like a small scar because then she gets less of sympathy and rest. For every inch of scar she is given rest of one month.

Now as the media is making aware of the minimal invasive laparoscopic surgery to public and people are witnessing the results, the shift is towards the attraction for smaller wound and lesser number of stitches. It has also become a status symbol to get laparoscopic surgery done.

I am happy to hear “Doctor, will stitches be necessary? Now days this is done with laser.”

Every high tech job they call it laser, may it be infrared coagulation of piles, Phaco emulsification of cataract, lithotripsy of a kidney stone or a laparoscopic surgery. I resisted for the word for quite some time and used to give a long lecture on what is a laser, but with maturity and after repeatedly looking at their blank faces, I have started saying “Yes of course I do it with laser only”.