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Beyond 2080 AD…

"Baba what would be the future of surgery?"

"The ultimate of surgery would be No surgery, my child" I said.

This is 2030 AD. When you will come to my age, these glass chambers will also be gone. Now a days your father operates with robotic hands. See, right now he is operating upon a patient, who is 40 kms away from this place. Your daddy's friend is assisting him from another corner of the city. Your father is holding a joy stick, looking at the monitor, his movements are being converted into the electrical signals, which are decoded and transformed into the movements again for the robotic hand, moving in the glass chamber, operating upon the patient lying in there.

There are 8 such glass chambers, with a central cabin where 8 monitors are displaying the job that they are carrying out. This is being observed by H.O.D of Surgery. He will take over if your father doesn't do well. If the H.O.D also has any doubts, the Internet web, world wide, to all libraries for theoretical problem, links him. If he has difficulty in operating he can get the job done by any stalwart of that field. Any body from the other corner of the world can operate upon this patient through satellite, no problems, only the insurance company will have to bear a little more, that's all.

This is the present status, in 2030 AD.

Before I go to the future, it will be interesting for you to listen about- what your father is missing as a surgeon, that we enjoyed in our times i.e. 40 yr. ago. It gives me pain because I have witnessed this in my lifetime. Your father will not repent, because he never had the taste of it!
There is no body around him to praise him for the wonderful job he is doing, there are no challenges of surgery, which he has no choice but to tackle himself, there is no limitation of the time, he can have a nap if he is tired and again finish the remaining surgery, because now the medicines are so safe, that they can prolong surgery to any extent. Our anaesthetist used to inject drug in the spinal canal and give us an hour and half to complete the job, anyhow. Our anaesthetists and OT Staff praised us. What is the fun if you are playing so well, but do not have audience to applaud you? Money can well earned by making recorded cassettes but great artists crave for that applaud, and we surgeons are no different.

It was a great feeling to hand over the new born to it's grand mother, your father will never have the joy to witness the tears of immense happiness and achievement, sliding down the corners of the patient's eyes after caesarean operation, when we declared that you have given birth to a cute baby boy. Just to see that, our anaesthetist used to wait, before he gave a good dose of sedation to make her sleep. Your father will never have the greetings and praise of the relatives, standing outside the theatre.

Your father will never be able to declare with pride - that " The operation was successful" because now a days all the operations are successful.

Your father will never enjoy that cup of coffee over smoke, with his anaesthetist and assistant.
We have enjoyed our time, when surgeons were considered next to God.

Now about future - as I said, we would have conquered all problems related to bacterial infections; the bacteria ofcourse will be kept preserved somewhere in the Siberia, for either research purpose, or to make vaccines. When I was young, we had conquered the Small pox, and a sole sample of its virus is still preserved since then.

Drugs related to the immune system will completely replace all antibiotics.

Getting the insight of its reason for haphazard multiplication will conquer Cancer. A simple pill will change the genetic code of the malignant cells and either they will die their own death, or kill each other.

Aids vaccine will be available.

The average age will go up to 140 yr. Because of the longevity, the largest % of population would be of elderly, and more and more work and research will be done on geriatric problems. When I was young, we faced the problem of population explosion. We had 50% children of whole population. Then doctors were attracted to specialise in Paediatrics.

The future focus will be on the surgical problems of old age. In spite of ageing, the quality of life will not go down.

People will rarely have to get admitted for surgery. They will know their diagnosis by feeding specific information to their computers; it will also guide them for whom to contact through Internet. The specialist will examine them on Internet, suggest few investigations and decide for surgery.

Surgery related to infections, worm infestations, which used to be a major chunk would be out.
Wound healing problems due to deficiencies and infections will be no more.

Congenital problems will not be seen, because they will be predicted fore hand in the genes and the gene will be rectified before conception.

Surgeons will continue to serve traumatology, as accidents will continue, I will not say that they will increase, because by then the road traffic will reduce, since there would be no human driver of the vehicle, accidents due to tiredness, a sudden bout of sleep or due to alcoholism, will not occur. The humans, if they have a desire to drive, even in full senses, will not be able to cope up that speed of traffic. People who are fond of driving will go for driving in country side, and few sports models of vehicles will be available for them on rent, as we take the ski on rent, to enjoy skiing.

Electronic warning gazettes of safety will reduce the accidents on one side and the speed of traffic may tend to increase the accidents on the other end. What I predict is, the injuries will be less in numbers, people will rarely survive in any accident.

All surgical procedures will be non-invasive and simplified.

You will have a radioactive solution to drink, for your prostate. The substance will specifically get deposited in the prostatic adenoma, due to its affinity for that tissue. The patient will pass his necrosed prostate through urine, next morning and get rid of his prostatic enlargement.
Appendix, Ectopic pregnancy, etc will be evaporated in the surgeons O.P.D by focussing the laser beams on them, without giving any skin incision. The gas under diaphragm will certify his job to be successful. In our days gas under diaphragm used to be the grievous sign.
Caesareans will not be necessary, because mothers will give birth to their children at third month, after which they will grow in jars. If they develop any congenital anomalies, they will be taken out of the jar, operated and again placed in the jar.

At the age of 3 yr. in every girl Pubic bone will be spit and a silastic material, which will expand during labour, widening the pelvic outlet and obviating the problem of narrow outlet syndrome, will replace the pubic symphysis.

Endoscopies will be obsolete. A capsule swallowed by the patient will have a chip, which will give you the whole information from mouth to anus. As such the endoscopy became obsolete, when I was young, after the development of CT and MRI endoscopy. The CT and MRI could give the picture of G.I Tract just as that of the scopy.

Organs will be available in market, for transplantation. Rich segment of the society will have the luxury of making their Connie and sacrifying it in case they needed any organ in emergency.
Then no one will die of cirrhosis liver.

No one will remain blind due to corneal opacity, because silastic cornea will be available.
Synthetic skin will be available, and you would be able to choose the colour and texture as you do for your suit length.

All bones & Joints made up of durable light synthetic material will be available in plenty, and one will get all his joints replaced after the age of 80 and then after every 10 yr. thereafter.
In case of fractures, you will get plasters as thin as socks and as light. The plasters will breath, and the patient will have no sweating or itching under it.

Many persons lying in the liquid nitrogen, for the last 80-90 yr., waiting for the remedy will have solution for most of their problems. Just to tell you, when I was young, an interesting incidence took place, which gave mankind an interesting possibility. A child lost his way into the deep wood in a winter night. The temp outside went into minus degrees as the night progressed. They could find the child next morning, almost frozen with cold, without any breathing or heart. But I doubt whether they will prefer to continue to live in this mechanised world! He was supposed to be dead. One of the physicians said why not gradually warm up his body and see, whether the life returns in it or not! To everybody's utter surprise, the heart and breathing returned. That gave birth to the thought that if the person is gradually cooled and maintained in that state, he can be kept alive till warmed up again. In this way one could live unto eternity. No one was interested to live in that hibernated form without any life, practically, but those who were certain to die of incurable illness, like cancer, thought of going into this hibernation, till we would achieve the cure of his problem. It was very costly affair to maintain these tanks, but rich people paid for that. Though they will get well but most of the thing i.e. present culture will be shocking to them. They will not be able to bear this way of life and the present world. I am sure they will curse their decision to go against nature, to live longer. Many of them would prefer to go back to their tanks again.

-And many more things I cannot even imagine.

One thing is sure my dear. I am fortunate to belong to that last generation of the surgeons, who got tremendous regards and affection from the society and his patients, because after me, came the era of transition. People started giving regards to those doctors, who were well equipped. But till then the machine did not dominate over the human. Then came the era when Human became secondary to the machine. Now in future you will see the era where machine will do everything, the breed of Surgeons will become extinct.

I was roaming in 1990's as I was saying it…