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As you say doctor

"It is prostrate and better get operated. Now a days TUR is a better method than open surgery."

"How much would be the expenses sir?"

"I do not operate hence it is difficult for me to tell you. Dr Choubey will tell you all details."

"But, any idea? We need to know; otherwise we will come at a later date."

"True, it comes to about 12 to 15 thousand rupees. If you have come prepared please deposit about 10 thousand and get him admitted. I will call Dr Choubey and hand over the patient."

He says "As you say".

"How do I come to know, whether you have brought money or not? If you have, please deposit; so we start the work, If not, please come at a later date"

I was getting irritated, because I was just the coordinator. He was not my patient. To give time to a patient, whom you are not going to operate upon, is not a pleasant task.

His ego was hurt.

"If we would not have money, then why had we come for treatment in private hospital?"
"If so, kindly deposit the amount, I will call Dr choubey and post your Operation tomorrow morning."

His expression changed. They looked at each other.

Again "As you say doctor, but don't you feel it is a big amount. No one carries this much amount in his pocket. You will have to give us some time to go back to village and arrange for the same."

My irritation was mounting, but you have to keep cool in practice.

I said "Ok come back with arrangement"

"Yahee to hum kah rahe the dac saab, baki jaisa aap kaho!"

This "As you say doctor" is an interesting sentence. The person infront of you wants you to speak out his feelings about the situation and make you responsible for the outcome.

May it be a second opinion or to avoid costly investigations and medicines, or to take him home early.

We should better stick to our opinion during unavoidable situation. At that time I say "See, it I who is saying this and will not change my version for your convenience. It is up to you to follow it or not."

At times you can be with him and give him that moral support of - the decision was taken by the doctor.

We come across many terminal illness patients of say for example cancers, where the family is drained of money, they want to stop the treatment, but do not have the courage to do that on their own. They take your opinion. You speak out according to books; take him to this and that centre. They ask you about the chances of recovery. You say they are bleak. They say "As you say doctor, but don't you feel it will be better if we keep him with his family, with few days remaining of his life."

"You are right, but I cannot say as a doctor to stop treatment of your keen. We have to fight till the last breath, isn't it?"

"True doctor, but what if you place yourself in our shoes?"

"Stop every thing and pray Almighty for his peaceful death" my version.

"As you say doctor"…